#AntiVirus Action: The ICT Community Comes Together to Combat COVID-19

10 April, 17:00

Crises can be overcome and its effects can be diminished due to efforts, responsibility, and unity of the community. Since the state of emergency had been established in early March, ICT companies and members of the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) have been among the first to be involved to assist with continuing certain social processes with the help of information technologies. Currently, ATIC and the Tekwill Project are aligning their efforts to prevent the spread of the virus but also to reduce the consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, through the #AntiVirusAction initiative. This initiative calls on all members of the ICT community to strengthen their efforts to limit the spread of the virus and mitigate the economic impact on society.


Donations and support for social projects

Several ICT companies in Moldova have come together to support social projects. Due to this involvement, many Moldovan students can continue their studies with their teachers via distance learning, companies are benefiting from IT systems for free, citizens are enjoying more access to digital services and products for free, vulnerable families are receiving food donations, and medical staff is being assisted in their efforts to fight the pandemic, among others.


1 day from salary for doctors from Moldova

The #AntiVirus initiative is also a call for solidarity to support and encourage doctors and medical staff as they are one of the most vulnerable groups during this time. As an example in leading this support, the ATIC and Tekwill project teams have donated a one-days salary to support the medical teams.


Causes to support with a donation

During this time anyone who wants to get involved can contribute with donations to the following:

  1. The fund launched by the Government of the Republic of Moldova for the prevention and control of COVID-19, the banking details can be found here.
  2. MAD-Aid charity fund, which has launched its first social initiative “Together For You” has already collected 4,000,000 lei in two weeks from direct financial donations, ten tons of food, hygiene products, protective equipment, medical equipment and more. This group initiative was started by three people - Victoria Dunford, the founder of the well-known charitable organization MAD - Aid; Ana Racu, a professional in the field of human rights defense and UN ambassador in Moldova for the prevention of torture; and Anatol Untura, an IT entrepreneur. Together with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the “Together For You” team intends to organize a charter trip to China next week to procure more medical equipment and other necessities to cover the country's needs for one month.