Tekwill Visionary Club with Anastasia Miron

6 October 2017, 19:00 - 21:00

Do you believe startups will shape Moldova’s future? Join the club! Tekwill Visionary Club brings together visionaries and influencers from around the globe to discuss worldwide market and technology trends in order to envision Moldova’s path forward. Come meet the visionaries, listen to their stories, ask questions, and build long-lasting relationships.

In October we brought back to Moldova Anastasia Miron, co-founder of Globein, Tekedu and founder of Child Proof Yourself. 

Anastasia is Moldovan-born, Italy-raised, United States-seasoned social mompreneur and innovation evangelist. Known for her contagious energy and can-do attitude, she is passionate about challenging the status quo by empowering under-privileged people and communities.

As Co-Founder of Globein and TEKEDU, Anastasia worked to improve technological access and literacy to increase opportunity in today’s increasingly digital marketplaces.

As Founder of Child Proof Yourself, her current interest lies in leveraging VR and AR to address human centered problems like parenting and provide new approaches to prevent stress and anxiety in children, through immersive experiences that create awareness and triggers empathy, based on neoroscientific research.

She loves to inspire and to be inspired by smart, hardworking and honest human beings. Anastasia believes emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial assets we have in business and in life, and she cultivates more and more by reading and learning from the incredible people she is meeting every day.

The mompreneur holds an M.B.A. in International Commerce and a B.S. in International Economics from the University of Padua in Italy.

Anastasia provides consulting with a holistic approach; it’s lean, data driven and results oriented. She offers tailored, innovative, professional and fun mentoring. Due to her multi-cultural background she can deeply understand the needs of the start-up based on their geo-political location. Anastasia focuses mostly on Eastern and Southern European start-ups. Anastasia also is a speaker. She inspires, informs, and engages her audiences by drawing on stories and insights across a spectrum of personal and professional topics that resonate with anyone who is interested in learning about and doing good in the world.

Come find out more about Anastasia’s views on leadership, teambuilding and empowerment; digital and mobile marketing; and hands-on implementation. Learn how she thinks these could be integrated in an Eastern European Ecosystem and how these could bring Moldova closer to Silicon Valley. Explore how all this assets brought Anastasia to where she is today and what are her plans for the future by joining us for Tekwill Visionary Club on October 6, 2017 at 19:00 at Tekwill.