Shared Breakfast with Pavel Zingan

5 October 2017, 09:30 - 11:00

After several years of work in banking, Pavel Zingan started the Zingan Company. In the 90’s, Zingan specialized in assisting the foundation of new companies. Since 2000, he has been leading internet media projects. His primary project has been “allmoldova.” In 2017, he announced a new project - a mobile app for the top-managers called “Mr. One.”

To discover his story and learn from his experience, join us for a Thursday morning coffee at Tekwill! Our guest speaker, Pavel Zingan, will share what he has learned over the years, the potential for investment in Moldovan startups, and predictions regarding what’s to come for our startup ecosystem.

When? – 05 October 2017
Where? - Tekwill Cafe
How much? - 50 mdl