Shared Breakfast: Management in IT / with Kirill Borzov

22 August 2019, 09:30 - 10:30

Kirill Borzov - Product Owner @ Mixbook.

"I help people achieve their goals by building the right web tools and systems. My career started as a web engineer doing freelance project by myself and shortly after switched to doing mostly front-end development. After understanding the tech, I've moved to working as a project manager and than as a product owner. Those transitions helped me to work on over a hundred different projects, from tiny once to those that lasted for several years. I've seen teams rise and fall, projects run over their 5th deadline, good ideas get unbearable implementations and so on. Having this said I'm happy to share my development and management experience in the IT world to help you avoid common, rare and epic pitfalls and mistakes."

Participation fee is 50 lei.
! Note: The presentation will be in Russian.

Shared Breakfast is a regular morning coffee event for tech community every Thursday at Tekwill Cafe.

The event has the goal of helping the community to discover new opportunities, share experience and making connections by sharing breakfast. Based on the needs and expressed interested from the community we started inviting guest speakers that would cover relevant subjects in different tech field with significant knowledge to help the community achieve valuable experience.