Shared Breakfast: Insights and skills for growing your startup internationally

8 March 2018, 08:30 - 09:30

On the 8th of March, we have an exceptional Shared Breakfast with our 7 Traction Camp mentors from the USA, Israel, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Startup experts, Business Development gurus, and world-class Marketing strategists join us for a coffee and bagels and enlighten us on all things entrepreneurship. 

Start the International Women's Day with an inspirational and informal discussion with some of the brightest Startup minds.

The participation fee is 50 lei. 

IMPORTANT: This edition of Shared Breakfast starts an hour earlier, at 8:30AM. Set your alarms!


Shared Breakfast is a regular morning coffee event for tech community every Thursday at Tekwill Cafe.

The event has the goal of helping the community to discover new opportunities, share experience and making connections by sharing breakfast. Based on the needs and expressed interested from the community we started inviting guest speakers that would cover relevant subjects in different tech field with significant knowledge to help the community achieve valuable experience.


These are our amazing guests:


Lane Becker, USA

Lane co-founded Get Setisfaction and Adaptive Path, was the founding director of Code for America and is currently one of the experts behind 18F, the White House tech office. He has extensive experience in building global companies in the US, and over the past 3 years has become a leading advocate for tech inclusion and the development of new ecosystems. He is also the writer of the bestseller “Get Lucky”.


Max Gurvits, Bulgaria

Max co-founded the first online legal services provider in The Netherlands in 2008, selling the company in 2011. That year he moved to Bulgaria, where he played a key role in building the startup community. Max has been a serial founder, startup ecosystem builder, angel and VC investor, with a focus on bridging together Silicon Valley with the rest of the world, and empowering entrepreneurs.


Zhenya Rozinskiy, USA

Zhenya was originally born in Odessa but has been living in California for nearly 25 years. During his career, Zhenya had an opportunity to help grow and make successful many companies of different sizes and different maturity levels. Having spent over 20 years in various startups Zhenya has learned that it's people that differentiate startups from successful businesses.


Andrew Hoffman, USA

Andrew is a marketing strategist with over 12 years experience in planning, sales and product development, and has worked with numerous startups and accelerators in the US and Europe. Based in NYC, Andrew is active as an advisor in marketing and distribution to companies on both US coasts and in Europe.


Saul Orbach, Israel

Saul is an all-around entrepreneurship expert, with over 30 years of experience in the US, Europe, and Israel. From founder of startups to COO and CEO of large companies, and from VC fund partner to lecturer in business and entrepreneurship. He has been working with dozens of companies throughout strategy, implementation, funding, and business development.


Maria Memenman, Israel

Maria is a marketing strategist and researcher who has worked with a number of leading Israeli startups, including most recently Fluent in Russian, English, and Hebrew, she’s been part of startups from the idea stage to unicorn stage, and beyond to publicly listed companies.


Alexandra Marchenko, Ukraine

Alexandra is a journalist and communications professional. She has been working as a communications specialist with corporations, startups, NGOs, and public figures. She has had a career as a journalist and TV reporter with media in Ukraine, Deutsche Welle, and most recently BBC in Ukraine. She is currently combining freelance writing with helping businesses in their media strategy and execution.


See you at Tekwill, on the 8th of March, at 8:30 AM.