Shared Breakfast: Dreaming is not enough at Startup Academy.

6 September 2018, 09:30 - 10:30

"Dream big' - It's probably one of the most common, well-meaning pieces of advice out there. In order to achieve success, all we have to do is shoot for the stars, and refuse to let anything limit us or our ideas, right? Well, that's not the whole story. This sort of "bigger is better" thinking can also prove to be a double-edged sword, at least in the entrepreneurial world. Startup Academy is an innovative learning project, a practical course in which each participant will go through all the necessary steps and create his own Startup. The program is meant to transform Moldova into an entrepreneurial society.

Our speakers:

Traian Chivriga is one of the initiators of first seed investment fund for startups in Moldova, the organizer of many events and hackathons specialized in startup development.

Mary Nemciuc - Tech Startup Ecosystem Builder in Moldova. Promoting entrepreneurial culture and community building through Techstars Startup Week & Weekend events, Seedstars competition, startup programs, community initiatives and dialog with government, private and public partners.


Participation fee is 50 lei.
Note: The presentation will be in Romanian.

Shared Breakfast is a regular morning coffee event for tech community every Thursday at Tekwill Cafe.

The event has the goal of helping the community to discover new opportunities, share experience and making connections by sharing breakfast. Based on the needs and expressed interested from the community we started inviting guest speakers that would cover relevant subjects in different tech field with significant knowledge to help the community achieve valuable experience.