Shared Breakfast: Influencers and startups. How to collaborate and grow together / with Artur Gurau

20 December 2018, 09:30 - 10:30

Artur Gurau is the CEO of Granat Digital Agency and the President of the Digital Communication Network. He is a digital communication innovator and strategist, early stage investor with hundreds of successfully implemented projects over the past 12 years. Mr. Gurau launched the Rockit Conference in Moldova in 2014 and co-founded the Rockit Academy in 2016, initiatives which support global development in the digital communications space. Mr. Gurau also co-founded the Digital Communication Network professional association after participating in the U.S. exchange program in 2015. His interests include innovative startups, social entrepreneurship, technology, media, politics, and sports.


Participation fee is 50 lei.
! Note: The presentation will be in Romanian.
Shared Breakfast is a regular morning coffee event for tech community every Thursday at Tekwill Cafe.
The event has the goal of helping the community to discover new opportunities, share experience and making connections by sharing breakfast. Based on the needs and expressed interested from the community we started inviting guest speakers that would cover relevant subjects in different tech field with significant knowledge to help the community achieve valuable experience.