Moldova ICT Summit 2017

30 March 2017, 20:52

At its 8th edition, Moldova ICT Summit 2017 is the leading industry event aimed to gather all industry stakeholders, including government, business, multinationals, professionals and academia, to discuss trends and challenges facing the ICT industry globally and in the country, set the premises for sustainable entrepreneurship environment to foster innovation and attract investment. It focuses on bringing the most actual topics into discussion and showcases the top experiences from national and international experts.

By bringing the cutting-edge global trends and inviting visionary leaders, the event seeks to break the barriers, drive innovation and foster higher aspirations at all levels. Going through an intense change from it’s first edition, MICT Summit 2017 will emphasize the development of the Republic of Moldova’s ICT industry to enable an alignment to the global trends

This year’s Highlights:
This year's event is planned to take place at premises of the ICT Excellence Center – Tekwill, created to answer the needs of human capital shortage and enhance global scale entrepreneurship.

Who will participate?

  • Government Stakeholders
  • Leading ICT companies
  • Investment Companies
  • Highly ranked experts
  • Foreign Governments Representatives
  • Academia
  • IT Professionals
  • World known Entrepreneurs

The main directions for Moldova ICT Summit:

  • ICT4Development
  • ICT4Startups
  • ICT4Education

The ICT4Development session will focus on presenting Moldova’s Progress and country positioning strategy with aspects related to Startup Visa, ICT Development Agency, Law on IT Parks, Infrastructural Projects.

The other topics that the summit will focus relates to entrepreneurship. At the conference will come Rockstart - “The Global Startup Machine”, from The Netherlands, with their input on Moldavan Ecosystem through partnership, delivering mentorship on pre-accelerator with Tekwill ICT Excellence Center, supported by USAID and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) Center, the program that should grow tech entrepreneurship in Moldova. Also at the event have an collaboration with Global Startup Competition – Get in the Ring, that take place in more than 100 countries, including Moldova on this year. Our ambition at the conference is to start to attract more people with non IT background and demonstrate that we start to be very connected to tech future.

Another particular direction which will enter into focus is ICT4Education where various aspects on Digital Education, latest solutions in education would be presented worldwide and in Moldova. It is planned to present the latest educational offer, the result of the pilot program and successful partnerships that are already started. Another accent that will be mentioned is improving Vocational ICT Education and Training (VET) Program, that are more and more developed and how this way should to continue.

Rockstart Answers Chisinau
Rockstart Answers Chisinau (by registration only) is a new track at this year Moldova ICT Summit edition. Rockstart Answers Chisinau helps local startups move forward in a fun, hands-on way. The free, invite-only event attracts experts from a wide range of profiles; startup founders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors. Participants at ICT4Startups sessions can participate at Rockstart Answers Chisinau by registering here.