Making Traction Fast with Nikolay Manolov

8 August 2018, 18:30 - 20:00

On August 8th, at Tekwill, we have the unique opportunity to learn from Nikolay Manolov, CTO and CMO at one of the most successful Moldovan startups -- XOR.

XOR is a chatbot aimed to revolutionize the recruitment process that brings the long-waited Artificial Intelligence solution to the table. Since it was launched in 2016, XOR conquered the Eastern European HR markets, received funding, and is now in active process of growing it’s share of the western markets in the USA and Western Europe.

Nikolay will share some tips and tricks he has learned during his journey as a startup founder and teach us how to test a business model in a week with minimal budget and get traction fast. In his charming and friendly manner, Nikolay will take us through the process to achieve our first results and answer our questions and unclarities.

If you are somebody who plans to launch a startup, or has already launched one but struggle to do proper testing and kickstart your startup’s growth, this event is perfect for you.


Participation fee is 100 lei.

Note: The presentation will be in Russian.