Future HR Conference: Candidate Revolutions

24 May 2019, 09:30 - 17:00

Let us face a simple current reality: Candidates are today in a position of power and they have the ability to start small revolutions in the way they work, schedule they have or the salary they ask.The reasons for this are several, but one is quite simple - candidates have options and in some industries they have a lot of options. More options lead to lack of fear and pressure. Lack of urgency to land the job leads to more bargaining power.

Now what can we do about it? Revolutions can be stopped, violently opposed, joined or...? Which strategy should HR industry take?

All this are hot topics and discussions that are shaping the global HR community. We would like to address this issues at our next edition of #FutureHR.

The #FutureHR Conference is a Tech-Recruitment driven one day event that prepares and equips HR specialists, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Professionals with everything connected to technology that is changing the HR.




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1. Single - acces for 1 person 700 MDL
2. Duet - access for 2 persons 1200 MDL
3. Group - access for 3 persons 1500 MDL
4. Perfect Square - access for 4 persons 2000 MDL
*Participation fee includes lunch and coffee break for each person.