Winning an audience the right way with Pitching & Public Speaking with Roman Gluck

11 April 2019, 09:30 - 10:30

Roman Gluck’s day to day activity is being a Project Manager / UX Designer under the flag o' WIS Digital Agency. Besides that he has an extensive 6 year background in Public Speaking and Pitching as a trainer for startups and speakers at IT conferences. For the last 3 years he was responsible for preparing speakers for Moldova Developer Conference ‘16-’18, being a coach for startups during Startup Academy Moldova by ATIC, trainer at numerous workshops for students from Moldova.
Thanks to the fact that Roman has been in 3 startups, he had the opportunity to gain experience in pitching in front of international judges in: Germany, Copenhagen, Netherlands, Lithuania and others. He uses this experience to help startups and speakers succeed in delivering their idea to their audience and to judges at startup competitions. Roman has 7 years of acting school background which helps to deliver captivating ideas and stories to any audience.
What can you learn from this session:
  1. Find out what makes a good Pitch Presentation and how it helps your product
  2. How to deal with emotions on stage
  3. How to make presentation slides 2 hours before a competition and not fail
  4. How to develop public speaking skills on a daily basis
  5. Ask the speaker embarrassing questions and see how he responds to them :D
Participation fee is 50 lei. Presentation will be in Romanian.
Shared Breakfast is a regular morning coffee event for tech community every Thursday at Tekwill Cafe.
The event has the goal of helping the community to discover new opportunities, share experience and making connections by sharing breakfast. Based on the needs and expressed interested from the community we started inviting guest speakers that would cover relevant subjects in different tech field with significant knowledge to help the community achieve valuable experience.